Learning by Doing

  • Sometimes it's easy to get lost when we are learning.  We can easily start to focus on the wrong things.  We concentrate on tests, grammar, do’s and don'ts etc…

    I challenge you to take up a personal goal of trying to use English outside the classroom or workplace, even if it’s only a few minutes per day.

    Maybe you are on your way home and you see an English sign, read it!  Or you see some English speaking tourists looking for directions, stop and help them.  Just think you are helping them find their way and they are helping you practice your English (for FREE!! ;-) hehe!).

    How about putting English songs or an audio book on your mp3 player and listening to it while you are on the bus or subway.

    Did you see a crazy looking dog, sign, person?  Take a photo of it and post it on eslspace.com.  So everyone can see and start to talk about it.  This is an easy way to create a conversation!  It doesn’t have to be a photo.  Practice your writing skills by posting a blog entry about your thoughts, a movie review, a poem etc…

    The most important thing to remember is, don’t be shy or worried about your English level!  No one here is going to laugh at your mistakes, we all make them and this is a place for learning!  Without mistakes it’s impossible to learn (I’m sure I have made some mistakes in this very post!)


    Pronounce the TH sound cartoon.

    Learn English by using English!